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Our GWLA Webinar is Available
The Greater Western Library Alliance asked us to do a webinar about the project, we accepted! Read More ›

Bridge2Hyku Toolkit Pilot Test Report & Beta Release!
We’ve put our two tools through their paces and are proud to announce their beta release and our pilot test report. Read More ›

Hibernation's End - Conference Season has Arrived
We haven’t been sleeping, but we also haven’t been posting. Find out where you can learn more about the Bridge2Hyku Project during this conference season! Read More ›

An Early Present for CONTENTdm Users
Our CONTENTdm metadata tool, CDM Bridge, now has a 1.0 release candidate and wiki! Read More ›

Trim that Metadata
Just like the trees in fall, your metadata schema should look a bit slimmer when you remediate it during a migration. Read More ›

Scary Metadata!
We asked the Bridge2Hyku Metadata Specialists about the scariest thing they’ve seen during metadata remediation. Hopefully you’ll feel better about your own metadata after reading their lurid tales! Read More ›

Hyku’s Underlying Metadata
Within Hyku’s stack lies Fedora, which creates a layer of technical metadata that might be useful for you. Read More ›

Finding The First Answers
Dig into your repository using content analysis. Read More ›

The First Three Questions to Understanding the Complexity of a Digital Library Migration
No migration is easy, but some are less difficult than others. Read More ›

Improving your Metadata Application Profile for System Migration
Recommendations for collaboratively improving your metadata application profile. Read More ›

TDL partners with Bridge2Hyku and releases Hyku Pilot Report
We’re pleased to announce the Texas Digital Library will be supporting the Bridge2Hyku project this fall. Read More ›

Digital Collections Survey Report
As part of Phase 1, The Bridge2Hyku team completed a survey of all partner institutions. Read More ›

Librarians Love OpenRefine
If you need to do metadata remediation, one of the best tools to use is OpenRefine. Read More ›

Our Samvera Virtual Connect 2018 Presentation
The Bridge2Hyku team at UH presented a progress report at Samvera Virtual Connect Read More ›

Metadata Fireworks
We asked the Bridge2Hyku Metadata Specialists what piece(s) of metadata offered the most “bang for the buck” to remediate. Here’s what they said. Read More ›

Newspaper Migrations
There is plenty of interest in newspaper migration within the Samvera Community, here’s how to get involved. Read More ›

IR Best Practices From Around the Web
We’ve collected IR best practices from around the web below. Whether you’re setting up your first institutional repository or gathering the requirements for a migration of your current one, these links will help. Read More ›

Open Source vs Proprietary Platforms
The pros and cons of this difficult decision Read More ›

Our Posters at TCDL 2018
The Bridge2Hyku partners at UH presented two posters at the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries Read More ›