Bridge2Hyku Toolkit Pilot Test Report & Beta Release!

Bridge2Hyku Toolkit Pilot Test Report & Beta Release!

We’ve put our two tools through their paces and are proud to announce their beta release and our pilot test report.

To wrap up phase two, the B2H project team at UH and UVic partnered with the Texas Digital Library (TDL) to conduct the B2H Toolkit Pilot Test. TDL is a consortium that provides open source digital repositories to higher education institutions in Texas. Hyku was developed as a Hyrax/Samvera instance with consortial use in mind. Planning began in the late summer of 2019. The pilot test occurred between November 2018 and February 2019. Participants tested against a rubric to provide structured feedback on functionality, pain points, and any missing features

The Report is available here:

With the release of this report, our software is officially in open beta!

If you need to get to your CONTENTdm metadata, please download and use CDM Bridge.

If you’re currently using Hyrax or Hyku and need a bulk import UI, consider incorporating our ruby gem HyBridge.