Our GWLA Webinar is Available

Our GWLA Webinar is Available

The Greater Western Library Alliance asked us to do a webinar about the project, we accepted!

On May 29th, 2019, The Bridge2Hyku project team of software developers and metadata experts from University of Houston and University of Victoria discussed our tools, documentation, and current timeline.

Link to Webinar

If you’re looking for a specific section, the timestamps are below:

00:00-12:30 Annie Wu discusses the B2H project broadly

12:40-25:45 Anne Washington talks about migration strategy best practices

25:50-35:15 Todd Crocken showcases our tools and demos CDM Bridge

35:25-46:20 Dean Seeman presents how University of Victoria has been migrating to Hyku

46:25-52:00 Santi Thompson finishes up by providing information about how others can contribute and what is left to do during the grant period.

52:05-1:04 Q&A