An Early Present for CONTENTdm Users

An Early Present for CONTENTdm Users

Our CONTENTdm metadata tool, CDM Bridge, now has a 1.0 release candidate and wiki!

Happy Holidays from the Bridge2Hyku Team! We’re excited to announce that our CONTENTdm exporting tool, CDM Bridge, is now available as a 1.0 release candidate! This mean’s we’re ready for public beta testers and feel pretty confident in it’s stability.

If you’ve ever wanted to look at your collections metadata at a glance, or have collections that are too big to export via CONTENTdm’s internal exporting functionality, CDM Bridge is a desktop application that can help.

It is available to DOWNLOAD HERE and we’ve recently added a GETTING STARTED piece on the wiki.

If you have any questions, requests, or plaudites. Reach out to us! @Bridge2Hyku on twitter.