Digital Collections Survey Report

Digital Collections Survey Report

As part of Phase 1, The Bridge2Hyku team completed a survey of all partner institutions.

In February 2018, members of the B2H Implementation Team completed a survey to collect data related to their digital collections. This included information about metadata schema, production workflows, stakeholder considerations, and work/file types. This report outlines the survey results and implications for digital collections migration planning and implementation (also shared below).

ยป Bridge2Hyku Digital Collections Survey Report

The main takeaway of the report, the implications below, are now helping the project team navigate Phase 2 of the project.

Implications for Migration Tools

  • The migration tool(s) need to accommodate images, text and audio/visual materials in numerous access file types.
  • The migration tool(s) should accommodate single, hierarchical, and multipart data model structures.
  • The migration tool(s) should be flexible enough to accommodate multiple metadata schema and standards.
  • The migration tool(s) should reconcile numerous controlled vocabularies including emerging vocabulary such as GeoNames.
  • The migration tool(s) should account for various system dependencies for digital collections
  • The migration tool(s) should allow for file renaming in transit.

Implications for Migration Strategy

  • To achieve efficiency in migration, the B2H Toolkit should include documentation on migration planning including content and metadata analysis, mapping of metadata elements and values, metadata standardization and digital preservation considerations.
  • The B2H Toolkit should include documentation on the migration workflow including metadata cleanup and remediation, materials reprocessing (rescanning and rerunning OCR), and step-by-step migration instructions.
  • It will be beneficial to include a bibliography of best practices for digital collections migration in the B2H Toolkit.