TDL partners with Bridge2Hyku and releases Hyku Pilot Report

Bridge2hyku Blog We’re pleased to announce the Texas Digital Library will be supporting the Bridge2Hyku project this fall. Read More ›


Digital Collections Survey Report

Bridge2hyku Blog As part of Phase 1, The Bridge2Hyku team completed a survey of all partner institutions. Read More ›


Librarians Love OpenRefine

Bridge2hyku Blog If you need to do metadata remediation, one of the best tools to use is OpenRefine. Read More ›


Our Samvera Virtual Connect 2018 Presentation

Bridge2hyku Blog The Bridge2Hyku team at UH presented a progress report at Samvera Virtual Connect Read More ›


Metadata Fireworks

Bridge2hyku Blog We asked the Bridge2Hyku Metadata Specialists what piece(s) of metadata offered the most “bang for the buck” to remediate. Here’s what they said. Read More ›